Australian Reining Breeders Classic

The Australian Reining Breeders Classic (ARBC) is an industry show and breeding incentive programme.

Our 2020 Show will be held in Dalby Queensland Monday 29th March through until Saturday 3rd April.  We look forward to welcoming you along to our 6th Annual event.

In light of safety for all attending the ARBC Show we decided upon running our 2020 Show in 2021.  With restrictions easing and us all being more aware of social distancing we are keen to run the ARBC in 2021.  We will be featuring our 2020 ARBC Nominated Stallions for the 2021 year with all incentives for those stallions carrying over to our show held on 29th March to 3rd April 2021.  This will include promotion of these great stallions on all our media platforms as well as at the ARBC Show.

The ARBC’s underlying mission is to promote the breeding of reining horses in Australia through the provision of a lucrative and prestigious event specifically designed for the derby year progeny of the best Australian and international reining stallions.

The ARBC comprises two interdependent industry components.

  • a breeding incentive programme, and
  • an annual reining and challenge show

Stallion Breeding Incentive Programme

Stallions enrolled in the ARBC programme receive.

  • Extensive stud promotion throughout the whole year via both the ARBC and Reining Australia marketing programmes
  • 5% of stallion’s progeny winnings for the OPEN DERBY & STOCKMANS CHALLENGE will pay back to the 2020/21 ARBC Nominated Stallion Owner
  • $1,000 bonus to the highest placed progeny of a 2020/21 ARBC Nominated Stallion owner in both the ARBC Open Derby or Stockmans Challenge Classic Event

Only enrolled stallions are eligible for the full benefits; financial and marketing of the ARBC programme.

To participate stallion owners pay an annual $660 enrolment for their stud’s to be eligible for that year’s ARBC event with corresponding advertising and promotions.

This annual enrolment increases by CPI each year provided the stallion remains enrolled.

Owners of nominated ARBC stallions are not required to be members of Reining Australia (RA)

Reining & Challenge Show


ARBC Challenge & Campdraft

The Classic Challenge comprises both cattle and dry work and is open to 4 & 5  year old horses . Their are additional classes for Open horses and Rookie riders.

  • Classic Challenge – $10,000 + added, Championship Buckle+ Garland
  • Open Challenge – $5,000 + added, Trophy Saddle, Championship Buckle+ Garland
  • Rookie Challenge – Championship Buckle + jackpot prize money+ Garland
  • 4yr & Under Class – $10,000  + Championship Buckle + Garland

Open and Classic 1st go round payout: 1st – $1,000; 2nd – $500; 3rd – $250

Incentive bonus for 4 year old horses progressing through to the Classic final: 1st – $1,000; 2nd – $500; 3rd – $250

Eligibility for the Rookie class is based on Australian Stockmans Challenge Rules

Open Campdraft – $1,000 + added, Championship Buckle

Novice Campdraft – Jackpot prize money + Championship Buckle

ARBC Reining

The ARBC Reining Show comprises a full programme of Reining Australia sanctioned events.

The premier ARBC Derby event for 5, 6, 7 & 8 year old horses boasts over $25,000 + ½ added prize money with a full compliment of limited and intermediate classes in both the Open and Non Pro divisions as well as the introduction of the ARBC 4yr & Under class.

Open Derby Champion – Trails End Saddles handcrafted Reining Saddle, Rick Meredith Trophy Bridle & Championship Buckle+ Garland

Non Pro Derby Champion – Rick Meredith Trophy Bridle & Championship Buckle+ Garland

All Open and NP division receive Championship Buckle & Prizes+ Garland

4yr & Under Class – $10,000  + Championship Buckle + Garland

At the time of nomination all ARBC reining competitors must have current Reining Australia memberships and competition horses must be licensed with Reining Australia.


Contact ARBC Event Organisers for more information.

Errol Thomas 0417 617 461

Gita Thomas 0409 630 199

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