2020 arbc show NEWS

Our 2020 ARBC Show will be held

29 March to 3rd April 2021.

Due to the current situation with Covid 19 restrictions within Australia, ARBC show organisers have made the decision to hold the 2020 ARBC Show on the 29th March – 3rd April in 2021. It was a very difficult decision to reschedule the 2020 show to the 2021 Show Year, however in light of the country/world going into lock down, it was decided that all those amazing prizes, buckles and ribbons be presented at our show in 2021. We look forward to welcoming you all along to our 2020 ARBC show in 2021.

The ARBC is excited to launch the Feature Events to the calendar. Below are the Feature Events for each of our disciplines, thus far. Stay tuned as we launch more updates for our ARBC Show Program as they come to hand.

We now have separate pages for each discipline so you can navigate around to find your Program of Events as well as information specific to the equine discipline you are competing in.

Please contact Gita on 0409 630 199 or Errol on 0417 617 461 if you have any questions thank you. We look forward to welcoming you to the ARBC Show.


The 2020 ARBC Show being held in 2021 will see the launch of the “Australia’s Greatest Horseman” Event. This event will have a first go round of the 3 phases, Two Handed Cutting, Dry Work & Down the Fence, held throughout the week of the 29th March to 3rd April. This event is open to all aged horses. The Cutting Phase is to be ridden two handed in a snaffle bit. The Dry Work & Down the Fence phases can be ridden one or two handed. If you are riding in a bridle you must ride one handed in these two phases of the event. If riding in a snaffle bit, you can ride two handed in all 3 phases.

Nomination for this event is $800.

top 3 scores in 1st Go Round Two Handed Cutting will receive a payout of $3,000, $1,000 & $500 Top 3 Scores in 1st Go Round Dry Work & Down the Fence will receive a payout of $3,000, $1,000 & $500

The top 15 scores go on to compete in the “Clean Slate Finals” for this Inaugural Australia’s Greatest Horseman Event, held on Friday Evening 2nd April at the Dalby Equestrian Center. Payouts for the FINALS in All 3 Phases is down to 10th Place.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th  5th  6th 7th 8th  9th  10th
 $15,000  $6,000  $3,000  $2,000  $1,000  $800  $800  $800  $800  $800

ARBC Reining Feature Events

“ARBC TRAILS END SADDLES OPEN DERBY” The ARBC Reining Events will include a Full Reining Australia Approved Program of events with 21 Championship Buckles up for grabs. The full program of events will be released in early 2021. We would like to thank Ian Huxley from Trails End Saddles for handcrafting a beautiful Trophy Saddle for the ARBC OPEN Derby Champion.

“ARBC ROCKIN W RANCH ROOKIE SHOOTOUT” We welcome on board Wade Farquhar from Rockin W Ranch and thank Wade for his sponsorship of a Trophy Saddle for the “ARBC Rookie Shootout” being held on finals day Saturday 3rd April 2021. The top 10 Rookie Level 2 scores from Friday go on to compete in a Clean Slate Final to take home this beautiful saddle.


The ARBC 4yrs & Under Classes has $10,000 Plus a Championship Buckle up for grabs for both our reining and challenge competitors. We would like to thank Reining Australia for sponsoring our Reining Championship Buckle for this class and Toowoomba Stockmans Challenge Club for sponsoring the Stockmans Challenge Championship Buckle.

These classes are open to horses 4yrs and Under ridden two handed in a snaffle bit.Full details for this and all events will be included in competitors packs for both Stockmans Challenge and Reining competitors.

“2020 ARBC NOMINATED STALLIONS” We invite all stallions owners to nominate their stallions in the ARBC Stallion Program in 2020/21. The ARBC offers both financial and marketing incentives for nominated stallions.

2020/21 ARBC Stallion Nominations are now available online. Click NOMINATE NOW ONLINE

ARBC western dressage Feature Event

ARBC One Roan Peptos Western Dressage Championships

The ARBC Western Dressage Championships will cover a full program of tests approved by Western Dressage Association of Australia. We will have walk trot Intro Level classes right through to sanctioned classes with Championship Silver Buckle Pennants. Damen Lowrie from DVL Saddlery & Equine is handcrafting a Silver Trophy Bridle for the highest aggregate score of the show. The full program of these Championships are now available on our Western Dressage Event page on our website.

2020 ARBC stockmans challenge Feature Events

2020 ARBC dvl saddlery & equine open stockmans challenge

We welcome Damen Lowrie as a Major Sponsor of the ARBC Show, your sponsorship of this hand crafted Trophy Saddle is appreciate and look forward to welcoming Damen to this prestigious Event.

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